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Name Skayde
Real name Jorge Rivera Serrano
Name history Porsche (debut - 09/91), La Flecha (09/91 - 93), Seminarista (93 - 03/95), Power Raider Blanco (03/95 - 10/95), Boomerang (10/95 - 08/96), Skayde (08/96 - ), Elektra (01/98 - 12/98), Jorge Rivera (Toryumon/T2P, 01/02 - 08/02; Toryumon Mexico 03 - current), Destello (ENESMA/Chikara, 06/04 - 12/04), Super Destello (IWRG, 2008)
Family El Predicador (brother), his father was a wrestler (name unknown), Skayde Jr. (?)
Maestro(s) Robin Hood
Birth date, location September 2, 1964 - Mexico City
Obituary date
Debut, location October 8, 1987 - Arena Apatlaco
Lost mask to Mistico, March 31, 2007 - Plaza de Toros El Cortijo
Height 5'7"/171 cms.
Weight 192 lbs/87 kg.
Signature moves La Cruceta, La Riveracita, La Riveracita II, Skayde Special (pin), Skayde Slam
Titles: UWA World Lightweight Championship, NWA Mexican Lightweight Championship


He is currently living in Xalapa, Veracruz, México, wrestling at the local arena (Arena Xalapa) and was working as the official trainer there at last report. He trains local stars such as Samuray, Guerrero del Infierno, Perro Mocho Jr. and so on.

On weekends he travels to Mexico to train a group of wrestlers along with Ultimo Dragon, at the Toryumon gym. These include Turbo (his best known pupil) and others like Black Thunder.

He was also a part-time trainer for the Chikara Wrestle Factory in Philadelphia.

Rumors at the time said Skayde was retiring due to health problems (knees and ligaments), thus explaining his surprising mask loss to Mistico. There appeared to be no build to the mask match. The match itself was surprising, but the result was not; Mistico's win was around the peak of his popularity.

Since the mask loss, he's continued to appear sporadically in both Mexico and the US. Skayde's tended to be on shows that slip thru the radar throughout the career, so it's tough to exactly determine a drop off. As of late 2009, he did seem to disappear from Perros del Mal and other high end Mexico indies, often with Skayde Jr. taking his place. At the same time, he has made appearances for both the CHIKARA and Dragon Gate USA promotions in the US.

The exact relationship between Skayde and Skayde Jr. is still unknown.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
88/03/?? mask El Seminarista Super Crazy Arena Neza - Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico State?
02/12/05 masks Skayde & Tigre Blanco Night Ranger & Street Fire Arena Isabel - Cuernavaca, Morelos
31/03/07 mask Mistico Skayde Plaza de Toros El Cortijo - Mexico City


as El Seminarista
as Seminarsita
as Flecha I
as Power Raider Blanco with Power Raider Rojo

as Boomerang
on right w/ Rayde in 1997
original Elektra look
1998 as Elektra

perfect Asai Moonsault onto Halloween
on right as Destello

classic look
2008 (courtesy of KatoKungFu)
in IWRG circa 2008 as Super Destello


V National Wrestling Alliance Championships (with lucha libre history) E
World Welter (Akantus), NWA-Mexico: Mexico Light (Skayde), Mexico Welter (Vaquero Fantasma)
Dragon Gym: International Junior Heavy (Último Dragón)
Defunct: Middle, Light Heavy, Americas Tag
Reference: Jr. Heavy, Heavy
CMLL established titles: Historic Welter (Volador Jr.), Historic Middle (Carístico), Historic LH (Stuka Jr.)