La Sombra Vengadora

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La Sombra Vengadora
La Sombra Vengadora
Name La Sombra Vengadora
Real name Rogelio de la Paz
Name history Rogelio de la Paz, La Sombra Vengadora (1958 - 2011)
Family Hijo de Sombra Vengadora, Sombra Vengadora Jr., Sombra Vengadora II (sons), Mini Sombra Vengadora (grandson)
Maestro(s) Raul Romero
Birth date, location 1931
Obituary date
Debut, location 1950 (1958 As Sombra Vengadora)
Lost mask to November 21, 1961 - Fantasma de la Quebrada
Height 177 cm/5' 8"
Weight 80 kg/
Signature moves
Titles: Local Titles


A mexican wrestling legend, it is probable that Sombra Vengadora is the most long-lived professional wrestler of the world, today still have matches.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
1960 $1.000(1) Sombra Vengadora Espectro I El Cortijo
1960 mask El Enfermero Sombra Vengadora Arena Coliseo
1961/11/21 mask Fantasma de la Quebrada Sombra Vengadora Arena Mexico
60's Hair Sombra Vengadora Gory Casanova Cortijo

(1) Mask vs $1.000 pesos


Huracan, La Sombra & Medico Asesino
lost mask
profile in Lucha Libre 89 (1965), w/worked birth date?
as Rogelio de la Paz, 1969

Rogelio de la Paz in action 2010-2011
Rogelio de la Paz Dinasty 2010-2011
Rogelio de la Paz, the legendary Sombra Vengadora is Back 2010-2011
Rogelio de la Paz