Star Fire

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Star Fire
Star Fire
Name Star Fire
Real name
Name history Star Fire
Family Poseidon (husband)
Maestro(s) Vicky Carranza, Mr. América, Skayde
Birth date, location February 4, 1992 - Mexico City
Obituary date
Debut, location April 27, 2008
Lost mask to
Height 155 cms/5'1"
Weight 58 kg/128 lbs
Signature moves Double Arm Piledriver, Rolling Backdrop Suplexes
Titles: NEO High Speed Championship, WWS Next Star Tournament 2014 (w/India Mazahua), WWS World Championship

Indy tecnica who trained with CMLL and an appeared a few times there before disappearing. Currently wrestling with WWS and around Mexico City.

Name comes from a comic book character; not Starfire, but Firestar, as seen on the old Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends cartoon. Her outfit is more and more patterned on 90s Firestar's costume.