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Dude, I am so confused after reading that. But I remember this came up in a convo with Sims, Jose and myself a while back. Sims doesn't think they're (Nitro/Warrior) the same dude, Jose is confused but leaning towards they aren't and I'm searching for a B&W pic I found in the Highspots offices with both posing together to prove once and for all they aren't the same guy.--Robert 19:35, 21 June 2006 (CDT)

Different guys. They were partners in the 1990 AJPW Real World Tag League.

  • (Skywalker) Nitron/Big Sky/Sabretooth in X-Men = Tyler Mane
  • Giant Warrior/Giant Steele/Tiger Steele = Butch Masters

Thanks to Robert for bringing the dispute about giant gringos w/ blonde hair to my attention --Bix 17:58, 22 June 2006 (CDT)