Task List

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thecubsfan's list of things he ought to be doing right now, but probably isn't

  • Table of Contents - complete list of top level categories, allowing some to be rotated out of the main page but to still be generally accesible. {not yet begun}
  • apuesta template (set up; some issues because of the small screen width due to the side bar. Likely makes sense to break up arena/location) in use
  • apuesta adds (in progress)
  • if statements (apparently available in other versions; waiting to upgrade)
  • admin mailing list
  • rules (up!)
  • lucha tv page (done)
  • links to other important sites (need just to set up a template and allow others to fill in blanks.)
  • Leyenda de Plata (needs fine tuning)
  • title histories (in progress)
  • color scheme to match the corner art work
  • categorize everything

What else?