Toko Infernal

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Name Toko
Real name Tobias Barbeiro
Nicknames Infernal
Name history Toko O Infernal (2009-2011), Toko "Infernal" (2011 - present)
Maestro(s) Trovao , Bob Jr
Birth date, location July 13, 1993 - São Paulo, Brazil
Obituary date
Debut, location September 19, 2009 - São Paulo
Lost mask to -
Height 6' 0"/183 cm
Weight 233,68 lbs/106 kg
Signature moves Turning To Hell, Chokeslam, Corner Sligshot Splash, Spinebuster
Titles: -


Young boy who discovered Wrestling in 2005, through video-games and his love for the sport was growing every day until he took courage to fight for the Brazilian promotion ABRALULI. His first fight was against Yuri (19/09/2009) and then he became the strongest force in ABRALULI, today he is a wrestler of BWF (Brazilian Wrestling Federation) and now he's climbing to the top and maybe, one day, you'll see Toko as a Brazilian Champion. Toko And the young talents of the sport tries to make the situation better for the wrestlers in Brazil but it's almost impossible, since the promotions are in precarious conditions and the old ones don't wanna make changes in the sport that made success in the 60's.

Theme Songs

"Eu Não Gosto de Ninguém" Matanza (2009-2010) "E Tudo Vai Ficar Pior" Matanza (2011)


Toko Entrance in Virada Cultural
Corner Slingshot Splash
Toko Infernal new facepaint
Toko Entrance
Toko Headbutt
Toko vs Tony Smith
Toko in a 3-on-3 Tag Team match
Toko Infernal Wallpaper
The Chokeslam
Corner Slingshot Splash
El Triple Canon - Toko, Ripper & Gringo
Toko "Infernal"