Toreo de Cuatro Caminos Ruleta de la Muerte, 1977

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A 12 man ruleta de la muerte, held in Toreo de Cuatro Caminos on May 5, 1977. In this ruleta de la muerte, the losing team would be unmasked. Muerte de la Barranca went to the ring to participate in the tournament, but the ringside comissioner pulled him from the mask, as he had lost his mask two weeks prior. Barranca was replaced by El Legionario.

All 12 wrestlers participated in the seeding battle royal, won by Bengala I.

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Bengala I & Bengala II L    
 El Quimico & El Tupamaro W  
   Bengala I & Bengala II  
      Bengala I & Bengala II W
   El Terrorista & El Legionario L
   Hombre Nuclear & Enigma  
 El Terrorista & El Legionario  
   El Terrorista & El Legionario L
   Satan & Ciclon Mexicano W  
 El Astro & Kung Fu W
   Satan & Ciclon Mexicano L    

El Terrorista was revealed to be Perro Sosa. Legionario, the last minute replacement, walked to the mask without revealing his identity.


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