Trueno (2000s)

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Trueno (Thunder)
Trueno (Thunder)
Name Trueno (Thunder)
Real name
Nicknames El pollo
Name history Mr. Trueno, Trueno, has used other names
Family Trueno (original) (father), Hijo de Trueno/Delta (Brother)
Maestro(s) Trueno (original), Satanico
Birth date, location May 10, 1977 - Monterrey
Obituary date
Debut, location December 20, 1998
Lost mask to n/a
Height 5' 7"/172 cm
Weight 183 lb/83 kg
Signature moves La Sultana, Vuelo de Trueno
Titles: Nuevo Laredo State Welterweight Championship

Started around Monterrey. Worked as a tecnico in CMLL from 2005 to 2011, but never rose past the second match and occasional fringe participation in tournaments. His brother, Delta, joined the Mexico City promotion in late 2009. The two teamed for a few months, but Delta rocketed up the cards and left his brother behind.

Trueno suffered a bad head injury on a fall in late 2011. He did return for a few matches, but has since disappeared.


in middle w/ Kronos & Danger

Source: Information taken from interview with El Halcon Net newsletter #58 #1