X-LAW Tag Team Tournament, 2005

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Tournament held in 2005 to fill the vacant X-LAW Tag Team Championship. The first match was held in Tijuana on October 28 and the second match was held in Monterrey on October 29. The final took place in Tijuana on December 23, 2005.


  Semifinals Final
   Inferno & Venum Black      
 Príncipe Arandú and TJ Boy W  
   Príncipe Arandú and TJ Boy W
   Inferno & Venum Black [1]
 Galactar & Jairo El Maligno  
   Morvius & Titanik W  
  1. Inferno and Venum Black replaced Morvius and Titanik due they can't be able to fly from Monterrey to Tijuana.