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:*'''[[2013]]:''' [[Taylor Wolf]].
:*'''[[2013]]:''' [[Taylor Wolf]].
:*'''[[2014]]:''' [[Sinner]].
:*'''[[2014]]:''' [[Sinner]].
:*'''[[2015]]:''' [[Al-Cold]].
*'''Trofeo Declaración de Independencia:'''
*'''Trofeo Declaración de Independencia:'''

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Xplosión Nacional de Lucha Libre is a Chilean lucha libre promotion founded in 2010.


Founded in mid-2010 by several wrestlers from Revolución Lucha Libre. With the passage of time, XNL included at their roster several independent wrestlers, which wrestled in other inactive promotions. In december of that year, XNL sealed a working deal with Mexican independent promotion X-LAW, which helped XNL to an International projection due X-LAW is promoted by wrestling magazine Súper Luchas. In the first quarter of 2011, XNL had the participation of international wrestling stars El Generico and Roderick Strong. Also in that months, XNL held the Convencion Nacional de Lucha Libre, that had the participation of wrestlers from much promotions around the Chile. In August during the event Independencia 2011, XNL formed the Alianza Latinoamericana de Lucha Libre with Leader Wrestling Association of Peru and Wrestling Alliance Revolution of Ecuador. Also was announced that XNL was named the new official NWA territory in South America through Pro Wrestling Revolution. Finally, at finals 2012, Pro Wrestling Revolution ended their relations with NWA and by consequently, XNL also ended their relationship. Their regular shows was renamed from Xplosion NWA to Alto Riesgo. The promotion sealed a working deal with also Mexican independent promotion XMW, due the X-LAW deal ended in 2012. At begins 2013 held the Torneo Latinoamericano de Lucha Libre, the major wrestling tournament in all history of South American wrestling. The tournament was won by KENTA.


Here are listed wrestlers who currently are working for Xplosion Nacional de Lucha Libre in Chile. All those who appears on this list are based on the promotion's official website. Managers and other talent in the promotions are listed as well.

Annual tournaments

  • Batalla Real X:
  • Trofeo Declaración de Independencia:



The Centro de Entrenamiento Xplosión (CEX) is the official wrestling school of XNL. Also was refered as XNL Training Center. The advanced young wrestlers make special appearances in the dark matches of the XNL Xplosion NWA. The CEX is advised by Pro Wrestling SEM from Pro Wrestling NOAH of Japan and the National Wrestling Alliance from the United States.

Graduated wrestlers

  Wrestlers who are no longer actives with the promotion.
  Wrestlers who currently are actives in the promotion.
Year Wrestler (s) Notes
2011 Javier Avilés Current member of Los Instagramers.
Worked for Generacion Lucha Libre.
Revolt Working for Generacion Lucha Libre.
GLL Tag Team Champion with Maxi Pereira.
Salomón Former member of Los Mateístas.
2012 Helter Skelter Former member of Los Mateístas.
XNL Historic Titanes del Ring Champion.
Okram Winner of CEX Tournament 2012 with Alison Evans.
XNL National Tag Team Champion with Oz.
Oz XNL National Tag Team Champion with Okram.
2013 Lenko Sins Former member of Redención.
XNL Torneo Nacional De Titanes 2013 with Nicolás Alkali.
XNL National Tag Team Champion with Nicolás Alkali.
Nicolás Alkali Former member of Redención.
XNL Torneo Nacional De Titanes 2013 with Lenko Sins.
XNL National Tag Team Champion with Lenko Sins.
2014 Alex Gero Current member of Los Instagramers.
Coke Current member of Los Instagramers.
Sara Phoenix Current member of Los Arlequines.


Xplosion Nacional de Lucha Libre Championships
Active: Titanes Del Ring (Alessandro) World (Mr. Keyton) Tag Team (Pandemia)
Inactive: Historic Women's X-LAW Junior Heavy
Related: CLL Absoluto (Lenko Sins) LWA Tag Team (Alexandra & Alison Evans)
Tournaments: Batalla Real X (Dómina) Torneo Nacional de Titanes (Carnicero)
Trofeo Declaración de Independencia Bajo Cero)
Defunct: CEX Tournament Torneo Nacional Femenino Torneo Latinoamericano