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|image=Yeiger_2019.jpg |name=Yeiger |realName= |nicknames= |nameHistory=Yeiger |family= |maestro=Hijo del Halcón Suriano |birthdate=Torreón, Coahuila |debut=January 11, 2019 - Nueva Arena Gran Markus |lostmaskto= |height=175 cm |weight=77.7 kg |obituarydate= |signatureMoves=Suplex, Media Tapatia, [[Cerrajera, Spleider, Quebradora |titles= |}}


Laguna based luchador tecnico. He decided to train lucha libre by conviction. His ring name means hunter. His debut match was a tag match against Rayo Dorado and Danny Black and his tag team partner was Likar. Wrestles at Arena Colon, Nueva Arena Gran Markus, and Arena Halcon Suriano.