Alacran Lagunero

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Alacran Lagunero (Laguna Scorpion)
Alacran Lagunero (Laguna Scorpion)
Name Alacran Lagunero (Laguna Scorpion)
Real name
Name history Alacran Lagunero
Family Gallo Tapatio (grandfather)
Maestro(s) Tony Rodriguez, Araña del Futuro, Hijo del Halcón Suriano
Birth date, location Durango, Durango
Obituary date
Debut, location June 24, 2018
Lost mask to
Height 170 cm
Weight 75 kg
Signature moves La Paralisis


Laguna based luchador rudo. His grandfather was a luchador named Gallo Tapatío from Guadalajara. He received all the support from his parents to become a luchador, they noticed his passion for this sport. Began his training on September 3, 2010. His debut was on July 10, 2011 after two exhibition matches. His professional debut was on June 24, 2018. His ringname came up from a conversation with his father and grandfather. He was inspired by hometown to choose his ring name. He is proud to be from La Laguna region.

His first in ring experience was at the age of 11 in Arena Lee Roy. Wrestled mainly in Arena Lee Roy, Palacio de los Combates, Arena Soberanos, and Arena Colon.