Alfa Centauris

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Alfa Centauris
Alfa Centauris
Name Alfa Centauris
Real name Manuel Solano Vazquez
Name history Alfa Centauris, Manny Guzman
Birth date, location 1942 or 1943
Obituary date April 23, 2011
Debut, location
Lost mask to A few declared he was unmasked by Ultraman, but this fight was an urban legend
Signature moves


Was once the leader for the National Union of Luchadores. Played a major role in the big strike of 1991 after convincing all EMLL wrestlers to stop working shows until Paco Alonso took his show off television. He feared television would kill all the live business. Strangely he had no problem with the UWA continuing to run shows while airing on Imevision which eventually exposed him as being just anti-EMLL and led to both his downfall, and the downfall of a large promotion independent union. It was said that Ultraman unmasked him, but no definite record exists for this mask encounter and it is now reputed to be an urban legend. [1]


as Manny Guzman
as Manny Guzman