CMLL World Light Heavyweight Tournament, 2013

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Rush vacated the CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship on January 15 as part of a challenge for the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship. CMLL immediately announced a tournament to fill the vacant championship. A 16 man cibernetico would take place on January 22nd, with the final two luchadors remaining facing off on the January 29th to determine the new champion. All matches took place in Arena Mexico


A battle royal took place to determine sides:

Eliminated: (A): Sagrado, Blue Panther, Euforia, Máximo, Morphosis, Diamante, Atlantis, Psicosis
Remaining in ring (B): Delta, Felino, La Mascara, Mephisto, Mr. Aguila, Rey Escorpion, Stuka Jr., Volador Jr.

# Eliminated Eliminator Time
1 Sagrado Delta 4:27
2 Felino Morphosis 5:49
3 Atlantis Rey Escorpion 6:52
4 Delta Euforia 8:15
5 Mephisto Blue Panther 9:29
6 Morphosis Mr. Aguila 9:56
7 Diamante Stuka Jr. 10:56
8 Blue Panther Volador Jr. 11:56
9 Mr. Aguila Maximo 12:43
10 Maximo drew Stuka Jr.,
both are eliminated
12 Psicosis La Mascara 14:22
13 La Mascara Psicosis 16:36
14 Euforia (disqualified) 19:24
Rey Escorpion & Volador Jr. were the final two

Title Match

Rey Escorpion defeated Volador Jr. on January 29th to win the championship.