Dr. Rafael Olivera Figueroa

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Dr. Rafael Olivera Figueroa
Dr. Rafael Olivera Figueroa
Name Dr. Rafael Olivera Figueroa
Real name Dr. Rafael Olivera Figueroa
Nicknames El Árbitro
Name history Gorila Figueroa
Family Juan Manuel Olivera (brother)
Maestro(s) ?
Birth date, location March 19, 1929 - Pachuca, Hidalgo
Obituary date April 16, 2020 (aged 91)
Debut, location 1940 (as writer), 1946 (as wrestler)
Lost mask to
Signature moves


Dr. Rafael Olivera Figueroa was a writer, historian, and pioneer of Lucha Libre journalism with a remarkable career. Columnist in Combates, El Halcón, Lucha Libre (magazine), Luchas 2000, and Box y Lucha. Reporter in sports dairies such as Hidalgo Deportivo and Estadio.

Began as sports journalist in 1940, writing texts for Arena Afición organized by don Francisco Flores. His brother, Juan Manuel Olivera was a ring announcer and recommended him. Continued working for dairies such El Sol de Pachuca and El Hidalgo Deportivo.

His passion made him become a luchador, entrepreneur, and promoter in local Lucha Libre promotions like Astropista de Texcoco and Palacio de Aluminio. Debuted as luchador during 1946 and competed under the name of Gorila Olivera. His in ring career was brief, because he was focused on the medicine school.

He was attracted by the magic of lucha libre even more than the sports competition and ring itself, he was fascinated for what is behind it. Felt passion for the mysticism of the characters and the storylines.

Besides of his chronicles, he wanted to promote lucha libre. Associated with Chilo Búrguez began to promote in Pachuca then in Texcoco. In Astropista demonstrated his vast imagination creating gimmicks. He named that arena as his "experimental laboratory".

Dr. Olivera was considered Antonio Peña's mentor. During that time Peña competed as Espectro Jr. but Dr. Olivera suggested him to change of gimmick for one similar. They created the mysterious Kahoz, a being whose powers came from a sacred skull. In his presentations Kahoz opened his cape realizing doves, a reference to Murciélago Velázquez who used bats.

Created a number of characters including Hecatombe (the future Máscara Sagrada), El Sagrado and El Titere for the soap opera "La Fuerza del Amor". Sagrado and Títere were played by the actors Eduardo Palomo and Alfredo Adame, but they were dubbed by Solar and Cuchillo. In the ring those characters were incarnated by Lasser and Pequeño Solín respectively.

By 1990s he kept working in Revista Box y Lucha and writing his books. In 2000s collaborated in creative aspects with X-LAW.

Passed away on April 16, 2020 at the age of 91 due to natural causes.

Selected Works

  1. Jornada de Errores Medicos
  2. Memorias de la Lucha Libre