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Dr. Wagner Jr.
Dr. Wagner Jr.
Name Dr. Wagner Jr.
Nicknames El Galeno del Mal (The Evil Doctor) / El Galeno del Bien (After he became Tecnico)/La Eminencia Clínica Del Ring/El Clínico Del Ring
Name history Dr. Wagner Jr. (debut - )
Family Dr. Wagner (father), Silver King (brother), Rossy Moreno (former wife), Leon Del Ring (nephew)
Maestro(s) Gran Markus, Dr. Wagner
Birth date August 12, 1965 - Torreón, Coahuila
Debut April 7, 1986 - Monterrey, Nuevo León
Height 5'10"/177 cms
Weight 216 lbs/98 kg
Signature moves Wagner Driver (Michinoku Driver II), Death Valley Driver, Niagara Driver, Top-Rope Diamond Cutter, Flying Splash, Flying Senton, Tiger Driver, Running Lariat, Running Somersault Plancha (off the apron), Running Somersault Plancha (off the ramp)
Titles: Northern Mexico Heavyweight Title, UWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Title, CMLL World Light Heavyweight Title, CMLL World Trios Titles (3, w/ Gran Markus Jr. & El Hijo del Gladiador - La Ola Blanca, w/ Blue Panther & Black Warrior - Los Laguneros, w/ Fuerza Guerrera & Blue Panther), CMLL World Tag Team Titles (4, w/ Canek, w/ Silver King, w/ Emilio Charles Jr., w/ Último Guerrero), New Japan Pro Wrestling: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles (w/ Kendo Kashin), WWC Hardcore Title, UWA World Heavyweight Title, WWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Championship, AAA World Heavyweight Championship


Dr. Wagner Jr. is the top tecnico not wearing a silver mask in CMLL. He's a young legend to the fans, a wrestler with international experience (and success!) and capable of a great match when he wants one. Dr. Wagner is one of the most popular wrestlers in Mexico, and an iconic figure.

Wagner turned tecnico following the death of his father. The change was fan inspired; Wagner was in a four way mask match on the first Arena Mexico show after his father's passing, and the fans did not want him to lose his mask that night under any circumstances. Wagner did not lose his mask, and the crowd clung to him after that moment. Wagner and the promotion tried to go back to the status quo after, but the fans cheered him enough to make a change.

Dr. Wagner becoming a tecnico had ripple affects across the promotion. Since he was feuding with Canek, Canek had to turn rudo to continue it. Later, in 2005, the fans loudly picked Wagner over Atlantis when they were setting up a mask versus mask match, to the point where Atlantis was tainted as a tecnico (and had to be turned rudo) and Wagner had become so popular, the match couldn't be done at a profit to all sides.

Even though the mask match never took place, Atlantis and Wagner continue to be rivals, with the idea all sides might one day do the match in a different arena where the money works out better. (The feud with Canek has slipped to the wayside.)

More pressing for Dr. Wagner at the moment is a feud with another recently turned tecnico, LA Park. As with Atlantis, the crowd turned on LA Park with no prompting, and he responded in kind. Wagner stuck up for the people of "his house", and he and Park have had violent brawls in the weeks since. A Park/Wagner mask match would seem to have the same financial issues as the Atlantis one, but that's the way they seem to be heading.

Wagner often teams with Mistico, as a big brother/protector to the smaller wrestler. He'll also team with his newly unmasked brother, Silver King, who has been wrestling in some locales as Dr. Wagner Jr. II or el Hermano de Dr. Wagner Jr. Wagner has shown himself capable of wrestling Japanese junior and lucha technical styles, but his current feuds and positioning has resulted in him primary working as a brawler with hot comeback moves.

Dr. Wagner Jr. still potentially has many years left in his career. However, he's often said to have saved well from his career and could retire early. It's believed he was going to lose his mask to Atlantis when that match was originally scheduled, which could have been the one last big payoff of his career. Instead, it seems like he's going to hang around for a while longer.


Dr. Wagner Jr. has since jumped ship to rival AAA promotion. Wagner main evented AAA's Triplemania event facing El Mesias for the Mega-Campeonato, AAA's version of the World Heavyweight Championship. Wagner won the match and has defended the title successfully against El Mesias and also headlining the Verano De Escandalo event facing El Mesias and Cibernetico in a cage. He was successful in the title defense.

Wagner has also formed a stable called Los Wagnermaniacos, featuring his real life brother, Silver King, Electroshock, and El Ultimo Gladiador.

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Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? mask Dr. Wagner Jr. Jungla del Norte ¿¿¿???
??/??/?? hair Dr. Wagner Jr. Brazo de Oro ¿¿¿???
88/??/?? mask Dr. Wagner Jr. Drago Arena Neza - Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico State
03/11/14 hair Dr. Wagner Jr. Rey Misterio Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California
06/04/19 hair Dr. Wagner Jr. Pierroth Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
08/08/30 hair(1) Dr. Wagner Jr. Green Demon I Saltillo, Coahuila
09/03/07 hair(2) Dr. Wagner Jr. Mascara Año 2000 Parque de beisbol Hmos. Herdan, Puebla
(1)16 man elimination match; 2 finals of a cage match with Universo 2000


The Doc tells off KeMonito
with his pretend WWC Hardcore Title
Making his entrance

Drwagnerjr la.jpg
two belts
UWA Title Match (Guadalajara)

Wagner studio.jpg
se me respeta
Bien Bien Bien

close up
Sobre el Ring
in AAA

Universal Wrestling Association Championships
Official: Heavy (Dr. Wagner Jr.)
Outlaw: Light (Kato Kung Lee Jr.), Junior Light Heavy (Diluvio Negro II)
Now in Japan: Welter, Middle, Junior Heavy, Tag, Trios,
Defunct: Feather, Light Heavy, Women, International Women, Women Junior, Women's Tag,
Associated: WWF Light Heavy
World Wrestling Association Championships
Minis (Octagoncito), Light (TJ Boy), Welter (El Bandido/Hijo de Rey Misterio), Middle (Averno), Junior Light Heavy (Atlantis), Light Heavy (Heddi Karaoui), Junior Heavy (Cien Caras Jr.), Heavy (Rayo de Jalisco Jr.)
Women (vacated)
Tag Team (Bestia 666 & Damián 666), Trios (Super Muñeco, Super Pinocho & Super Raton)
V AAA/PAP Championships E
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Tag (Fénix & Pentagón Jr.) • Trios (Los Jinetes del Aire (Golden Magic, Hijo del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr.))
Tournaments: Rey de Reyes (Aerostar) • Copa Antonio Pena (Pagano) • Copa TripleManía (Pagano)
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Defunct: Americas HeavyAmericas TriosCampeón de CampeonesIWC Heavy
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