El Hippie Playa

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El Hippie Playa
El Hippie Playa
Name El Hippie Playa
Real name Ruben Bartalo
Name history El Hippie Playa, Killing, La Pantera Rosa, Felipe el Charlatan, Josue el Pastor, El Ejecutivo, Dr. Cerebrus
Maestro(s) Torreon
Birth date, location
Obituary date
Debut, location November, 1972
Lost mask to
Signature moves Plancha Suicida, Headscissors


He always liked Lucha Libre watching it on TV and reading magazines. He was good friend with Torreron training aspirants on the beach and they invited him. His first of training was so hard and he barely could get up on the following day. He admired El Indio Comanche and El Hippie Hair (Miguel Petri) and he took the name of Hippie Playa because he grew up in the times of the hippies and he likes the beach a lot. His debut was agaisnt Espartaco and they tied. Sometime later he was advised by Torreon for a new gimmick. Bartalo took the name of the Killing the Skeleton. He entered to the ring riding a horse. In 1975 he was on the troupe of Diablos en El Ring, promoted by Oscar Rodriguez "Tarzan" he assigned him to become the masked Capitan Tormenta. A gimmick based on pirates. After his pirate gimmick he was chosen to incarnate another comedic gimmick, La Pantera Rosa (The Pink Panther), he had to mimic the character and make the entrance the same way as the cartoon character. Outside of Titanes en el Ring he took another character, Felipe el Ejecutivo Charlatan or simply El Charlatan. This gimmick was similar in many ways to the first El Ejecutivo, but he interpreted a heel version. He admited it was a change because he always liked to be a hippie and as El Charlatan he had to be well dressed. In Lucha Mundial/Total he was known as Josue el Pastor. 1997 was the year of the revival of Titanes en el Ring and he was chosen to be the new version of El Ejecutivo. During his days in Titanes en el Ring he was also masked as Dr. Cererbrus.



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