La Nieblina

From Luchawiki

La Nieblina is a nudo (knot) hold employed most famously by Mr. Niebla. In Japan's, it's Milano Collection A.T.'s Paradise Lock. While it is employed by these men as a means to gain a victory via tapout, others utilize the hold simply to trap the opponent in a ball and keep them from maneuvering, allowing the man on the offensive to either recapture his breath or pour on a more sinister offensive maneuver. The move is executed as follows:

The attacker approaches a prone opponent, lying back-first on the mat. He folds the opponent's left arm into their crotch, their left leg over their left arm, their right arm over their left leg (with the wrist and the ankle in alignment), and the right leg over the right arm and left leg at the point where the ankle and wrist are placed together. From here, the attacker rolls the opponent face-first onto the mat, with their legs and arms tied together, sandwiched between the mat and their own body weight. From this point, the attacker may choose to apply pressure by sitting atop the opponent and cranking back on the right leg.