Lucha Futbolística

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The Lucha Futbolística was a tournament held by AAA and the Federación Mexicana de Fútbol (FMF) to say goodbye to Mexico national football team in their way to 2010 FIFA World Cup. Every team of Mexican First Division were distributed in eighteen luchadors of AAA. The teams were separated in groups of six luchadors each one. The winner of each group wrestled the final against the others, but a wrestler representing the Mexico national football team was added to the final and this was the winner.

Luchadors who participated

Relampago, as Mexico, won the tournament.
Team Luchador
America Hernandez
Atlante Heavy Metal
Atlas Alan Stone
Cruz Azul Dr. Wagner Jr.
Estudiantes Rocky Romero
Guadalajara Joe Lider
Indios Silver King
Jaguares Kenzo Suzuki
Monterrey El Alebrije
Morelia Octagon
Pachuca Crazy Boy
Puebla Extreme Tiger
Pumas Alex Koslov
Queretaro Decnnis
San Luis Black Abyss
Santos Jack Evans
Tigres Dark Ozz
Toluca Psicosis
Mexico Relampago


Alan Stone----------                     |
                    |                    |
Black Abyss---------|                    |
                    |                    |
Decnnis-------------|                    |
Joe Lider-----------|                    |
                    |                    |
Psicosis------------|                    |
                    |                    |
Silver King---------                     |
Crazy Boy-----------                     |
                    |                    |
El Alebrije---------|                    |
                    |                    |
Extreme Tiger-------|                    |Relampago
Hernandez-----------|                    |
                    |                    |
Kenzo Suzuki--------|                    |
                    |                    |
Octagon-------------                     |
Alex Koslov---------                     |
                    |                    |
Dark Ozz------------|                    |
                    |                    |
Dr. Wagner Jr.------|                    |
                    |Jack Evans----------
Heavy Metal---------|
Jack Evans----------|
Rocky Romero--------