Mexican National Lightweight Tournament, 1937

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EMLL held a tournament to decide a national lightweight champion in 1937. A previous attempt to decide a champion ended in a draw and seemed unrelated to this effort.

EMLL started on March 21st, though in something approximating a league format. No one was eliminated for losing, though the wins itself didn't seem to strictly matter going into the later stage. Not everyone participating in these matches also participated in the elimination round. This sequence of matches lasted until May 30th.

A more traditional single-elimination tournament began on June 6th. All matches took place on Sundays in Old Arena Mexico. Ten wrestlers were in the tournament. Seeding didn't seem to match the previous standings. (Eddie Palau did not win a match in the entire tournament but got a bye.) Jack O'Brien reportedly lost an early match but was reseeded in the tournament for unknown reasons.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
       Dientes Hernandez W  
     Eddie Palau    
         Dientes Hernandez W  
         Bobby Bonales  
       Bobby Bonales W
     Jack O'Brien      
         Jack O'Brien W
         Dientes Hernandez
       Jack O'Brien W  
 Chong Yip W    Chong Yip  
 Lupe Leal        Jack O'Brien W
 Lobo Negro W        Lobo Negro  
 Luis Robles      Lobo Negro W
 Adolfo Bonales    Loco Hernandez  
 Loco Hernandez W  

Jack O'Brien defeated Dientes Hernandez on June 27 to become the first champion.