Ninfa Princes

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|image=Ninfa Princes_2018.jpg |name=Ninfa Princes |realName= |nicknames= |nameHistory=Ninfa Princes (debut-) |family= |maestro=Limberg, Centauro Jr., Rey Tiburon |birthdate=Naucalpan, Mexico State |debut=July 10, 2016 - Unidad Deportiva Vicente Suarez - Acapulco, Guerrero |lostmaskto= |height=172 cm |weight=80 kg |obituarydate= |signatureMoves=[[ |titles=WAP Cruiserweight Championship |}}


Acapulco based rudo since 2016. His attraction for this sport began since he was a kid. Trained in WAP for one year and a half. The name was based on the movie character from The Beauty and the Beast, forest proctector.

Wrestled in Arena Caleta, Arena Rena with El Super Loco, in Chilpancingo with Los Diablos.