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The Organizacion Mundial de Lucha Libre is a Colorado based lucha libre promotion. It was founded by Red Demon, Delta 2000, Delta Jr., Momia, Black Dragon and Referee Franco. It was founded in 2008 but know as Mile Hi Lucha Libre (MHLL). By March of 2009 it had been renamed to organizacion Mundial de Lucha Libre (OMLL). They began holding monthy to sporadic shows featuring luchadors all through Colorado. The company is one of Colorado's strongest now. They are holding 2 monthly shows and attract a wide sized audience. Their top stars include, Delta Jr, Capitan Salud, Delta 2000, Momia, Red Demon, Voltio, Principe Guerrero, Sombra Azteca, and Crazy Clown, as well as many others.

OMLL has a school in Commerce City, Colorado as well. They also partner with the New Revolution Wrestling in Denver which is owned and promoted by "Mercury" Matt Yaden. They are known for helping the community by donating events to entities in need of raising funds

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OMLL World Championship
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OMLL Roster early 2010