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PREDESA, Promotora de Espactaculos Deportivos y Artisticos, S.A., was a short lived Mexican lucha libre promotion.

The group was founded on April 2nd, 1993, at the Hotel Crown Plaza, in Mexico City. The leaders of the promotion at the founding were Juan Herrera, Hector Guzman and Climax I. Herrera was formerly a booker and bookkeeper in EMLL before being removed from the promotion for various scandals. Guzman was promoter at Arena Lopez Mateos He had recently switched from EMLL to AAA affiliated shows and was reportedly upset about being his arena being passed over for big stars for Arena Naucalpan (led by new CMLL programmer Marcos Antonio Moreno.)

The aim of the group was to crate a national promotions, with agreements with various buildings, promoters, and the SNL lucha libre union. Huracan Sevilla, Blue Demon Jr., Babe Richard, Climax I and Gargola el Sultan were announced as the stars of the group.

In reality, the group did not get far before Herrera and EMLL made peace, and the group used their talent.


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