PWR World Women's Championship

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Current Champion

Nicole Savoy, 9th Champion

Nicole Savoy is the current champion. She defeated Christina Von Eerie on September 10, 2016 in Napa, California.

History of Championship

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
decision match to crown the first champion
1 Lady Apache Alissa Flash 2010.01.30 John O'Connell High School - San Francisco, California
2 Princesa Sujei Lady Apache 2010.06.14 Arena Puebla - Puebla, Puebla
1 Alissa Flash 2010.09.19 Santa Cruz County Fair - Watsonville, California
3 Lady Apache [2] Princesa Sujei 2011.09.11 Arena Coliseo DF - Mexico City
1 La Diabolica 2012.06.24 Solano Public Market - Concord, California
2 Amapola 2012.07.15 Arena Guatemala Mexico - Guatemala, Guatemala
4 La Diabolica Lady Apache 2012.07.28 Santa Cruz County Fair - Watsonville, California
championship declared vacant on February 19, 2013 by unannounced reasons of PWR
decision match to crown a new champion
5 Cheerleader Melissa Dark Angel 2013.02.23 John O'Connell High School - San Francisco, California
1 Shelly Martinez 2013.04.15 Gold Coast Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas, Nevada
6 Ivelisse Vélez Cheerleader Melissa 2013.04.21 Coliseo Jose Miguel Agrelot - San Juan, Puerto Rico
7 Cheerleader Melissa [2] Ivelisse Vélez 2013.05.11 Stanislaus County Fairgrounds - Turlock, California
1 Tiffany 2013.06.23 Poliforum Zamna - Merida, Yucatan
8 Christina Von Eerie Cheerleader Melissa & Savanah Riley 2014.02.22 John O'Connell High School - San Francisco, California
1 Sumie Sakai 2014.04.27 2300 Arena - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
2 Kianna Rivera, La Furiosa and Savanah Riley 2014.08.03 Santa Clara, California, USA
3 La Travesia 2015.10.11 Madera, California, USA
4 La Travesia 2015.10.17 Napa, California, USA
5 Kianna Rivera 2016.02.27 San Francisco, California, USA
6 Katy Carny 2016.04.17 Complejo Textilia, Asunción, Paraguay
7 Spinelli 2016.05.07 Complejo Textilia, Asunción, Paraguay
8 Black Fury 2016.06.04 San Francisco, California
9 Holidead 2016.07.09 Petaluma, California
10 Thunder Rosa 2016.08.13 San Francisco, California
9 Nicole Savoy Christina Von Eerie 2016.09.10 Napa, California
title change
successful title defense
championship matches which were announced, but results were not found


Gallery of Champions

Lady Apache, 1st & 3rd Champion
Princesa Sujei, 2nd Champion
La Diabolica, 4th Champion
Cheerleader Melissa, 5th & 7th Champion
Ivelisse Vélez, 6th Champion
Christina Von Eerie, 8th Champion
V Pro Wrestling Revolution World Championships E
Junior Heavyweight (Juventud Guerrera), Heavyweight (Eli Drake), Minis (Octagoncito),
Tag Team (Los Luchas), Women's (Nicole Savoy)