Pequeño Universo 2000

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Pequeño Universo
Pequeño Universo
Name Pequeño Universo
Real name
Name history Pequeño Universo
Maestro(s) Pirata Morgan & Hombre Bala[1], Genaro Contreras, Villano I
Birth date, location 1978 or 1979- Estado de Mexico
Obituary date
Debut, location 2000?
Lost mask to
Height 165 cm/5'4"
Weight 74 kg/163lbs
Signature moves

Mini version of Universo 2000, first spotted wrestling using this name in mid 2006. Started wrestling in CMLL in summer of 2008, actually after Universo had stopped working there as a regular. Used as the lowest rudo on the totem pole, working mostly openers and fill in duty. Seemingly larger part of the Diamantia Brothers strategy of renting out their names/gimmicks as a retirement fund.




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