Pierroth Family

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Pierroth Family

Pierroth Jr. was an early member of Perros del Mal, partially due to common enemies. When Pierroth and Hector Garza started to feud, and Pierroth tried to stage a coup to take over the group, he was thrown out of the group in 2005. Soon after Pierroth brought in an army of (fake) sons to feud with the Perros. None were actually believed related to him, but all are named as if they're his sons. This is further complicated by Pierroth Jr. often being billed simply as Pierroth, and having one of his sons use the Junior. All of the sons of Pierroth wore Pierroth masks that confused everyone. The only one to have a distinction was Pierroth II who had a Roman numeral 2 on the forehead of his mask.

During the run Pierroth Jr was originally portrayed by Rey Vikingo but was replaced by X-Fly in 2005. Hijo Del Pierroth mocked Salsero's trademark salsa dance and even referred to himself as "El Hijo del Salsero" to the announcers. It was no big secret eho he was after changing gimmicks. Pierroth II was a relative unknown who previously was Anticristo on the Mexican independent scene.

The group lasted nearly two years despite being somewhat sucessful, they never won titles as a unit. They eventually they faded into obscurity. In late 2007 and early 2008, both Salsero and Mosco quit using the ¨Pierroth¨ name by demand of the original. Mosco had a falling out with Pierroth on his way to becoming X-Fly again and eventually joined AAA as a third in La Hermandad Extrema, while Hijo del Pierroth became Pierko el Boricua, doing interviews with magazines to note the change (but not on TV, as he'd left CMLL by this point). Being the only Pierroth family member remaining in CMLL, Pierroth Jr. vowed no more new Pierroths, but a new Hijo del Pierroth debuted in IWRG shortly after while Pierroth Jr. suffered a stroke.

It's unclear who's under the Hijo del Pierroth mask, and if the Pierroth II who's been associated with him is the previous one from the Pierroth Family or a new one.

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