Reyes Rosas

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Reyes Rosas
Reyes Rosas
Name Reyes Rosas
Real name
Name history Reyes Rosas
Birth date, location December 12, 1964- Estado de Mexico
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2015 Castillo del Terror controversy IWRG

IWRG's annual Castillo del Terror in 2015 came down to Golpeador & Golden Magic climbing out of the cage at the same time. (Unlike all previous occasions, this IWRG cage was first to touch the floor, not first to escape.) As Golpeador and Golden Magic fought on the side of the cage, Golpeador slipped and fell off the cage. Golden Magic dropped off immediately after. The referee awarded Golden Magic the win, though it was clear Golpeador 'escaped' first. Golpeador losing his mask had obviously been the planned finish and he did unmask, though only after complaining about the decision. [Video of the match]

The fans loudly chanted "fraude" at the finish, and during the unmasking. Fans continued to complain on social media afterwards. IWRG defended itself by saying they only make the matches, not determine the finishes. (This is not accurate.) The Mexico State lucha libre commission stated the decision of the referee was final and they could not overturn the outcome. (They have in other cases, when it's been part of the story.) Reyes Rosas disappeared from Arena Naucalpan for some time. The IWRG fan base had already been negative towards Golden Magic, and the reaction caused him to turn rudo a few weeks before leaving to work for Elite. Golpeador remained in IWRG for a couple more weeks, then left, but that may have been the original plan.

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