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  • ...s Titles]] (w/ [[El Pantera]] & [[Ciclón Ramírez]]), [[Nuevo León State Trios Titles]] (w/ [[El Pantera]] & [[Ciclón Ramírez]]) ...hip and the Veracruz Trios Championship. The also won the Distrito Federal Trios Championship from Los Tarascos in 1991.
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  • ...s of good gates for the Lutteroth family. As a trio, they had battles with trios of tecnicos like Santo, [[Rayo de Jalisco]] or Blue Demon, or a rudo vs. ru ...1989 it became part of the famed Triple Crown, one of the most prestigious championships ever in wrestling.
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  • ...Jr.]]), [[Gran Prix|Grand Prix Jr. CMLL]] (2, w/ 2006, 2007), [[CMLL World Trios Championship]] (5, w/[[Atlantis]] & [[Tarzan Boy]], w/ [[Atlantis]] & [[Neg ...many luchadors before and after him. Guerrero started as Flanagan, winning championships in his local area under that name.
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  • ...s]] (4, thrice w/[[Ultimo Guerrero]], once w/[[Tama Tonga]]), [[CMLL World Trios Titles]] (w/ [[Satánico]] & [[Emilio Charles Jr.]]), [[PRI Circuito Tag Te ...tanico]] gelled well. In March of 1997, the same team won the [[CMLL World Trios Championship]], although they quickly lost the titles. Despite the short re
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  • ...tles]] (w/ [[Fobia]]), Americas Tag Team Titles (w/[[Fobia]]), [[WWA World Trios Titles]] (w/ [[Juventud Guerrera|Juventud]] & [[Fuerza Guerrera]]), [[IWAS ...m WWE, leaving Psicosis and [[Super Crazy]] to go after the World Tag Team championships. They would be unsuccessful every time.
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  • .../ [[Negro Navarro]]), [[UWA World Welterweight Championship]], [[UWA World Trios Titles]] (w/ [[Negro Navarro]] & [[Signo]]), [[WWA World Tag Team Titles]] this promoter Flores had, instead of 1 or 2 exciting young wrestlers, 2 trios' teams' full. Promoters wanted to book not just one of the guys, but a-tea
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  • ...ith his other sister [[Rossy Moreno]], and they won the VIP Mixed Tag Team Championships defeated [[Pentagon Black]], and [[Xochitl Hammada]], who were once their r ...still champion. In 2010 he returned to CHIKARA to take part in the King of Trios tournament. Along side [[El Alebrije]], and [[Cuije]]. They were called, "T
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  • ...ater, the belts were imported to Mexico and renamed the AAA World Tag Team Championships. ...esulted in Machine becoming a rudo and Aguayo becoming a tecnico. During a trios match a month after Machine's rudo turn, Machine ripped off Santo's mask, p
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  • ...[[CMLL World Tag Team Championship]] (w/ [[Shocker]]), [[Mexican National Trios Championship]] (2, w/ [[Safari]] & [[Olímpico]] and w/[[Felino]] & [[Negro
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  • Title]], [[CMLL World Tag Team Titles]] (w/ [[Atlantis]]), [[CMLL World Trios Titles]] (w/ [[Atlantis]] & [[Mr. Niebla]]) ...athlete all his life. Before becoming a wrestler, he won several swimming championships, was a cliffdiver, competed in boxing, and was a bodybuilder (he was Mr. Ac
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  • ...ion (which he was, Daniel was the first man to hold four World or National Championships simultaneously in Mexican wrestling history) there to wrestler benefit of t ...). El Santo was the most frequent partner of El Huracán Ramírez, and in trios, El Rayo De Jalisco often joined them - three natural welterweights who we
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  • ...ionship]], XPW Tag Team Championships (2) (w/ [[Damian 666]]), [[AAA World Trios Titles]] (w/ [[Damian 666]] & [[X-Fly]]) [[AAA Mixed Tag Team Titles]] (W/ ...2006, rejoining the [[Perros del Mal]] faction. Won the [[Mexican National Trios Championship]] with [[Mr. Aguila]] and [[Damian 666]], but soon wanted out
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  • ...a]]), Arena Ecatepec Tag Team Championships (w/?), Arena Libertad Tag Team Championships (w/?), AAA New Wrestler Tournament Winner 1999
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  • Like all [[Mexico City|Mexican National Championships]], they are actually managed by the wrestling commission, not owned titles In recent years, the Mexican National Trios Champions have tended to be a midcard title, featuring matches between wres
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  • ...orro|The Chris]]) on September 28, [[2018]] in [[Arena Mexico]] to win the championships. ...or Garza]] and [[Shocker]] when Shocker turned on his teammates. The Trios championships continued to be a battlefield between [[Perros del Mal]] and [[Guerreros de
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  • ...istory. His championship reign with this title overlapped his [[CMLL World Trios Championship]] with [[Los Brazos]]. [[Category:Championships]]
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  • ...rno]] were presented more often as a tag team or foils for Mistico than as championships on their own. ...his title reign. The belt became part of a growing collection of Mistico's championships by the end of 2007 and was notable for being defended in Japan when [[Avern
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  • ...deral Box Y Lucha commission is the governing body of the Mexican national championships. Those titles include: * [[Mexican National Trios Championship]]
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  • ...A Tag Team Championships]] (with [[Mohicano I]]), [[Distrito Federal Trios Championships]] (with [[Mohicano I]] & [[Mutante]])
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  • ...cio]]), [[WMW Tag Team Championships]] (with [[Mohicano II]]), [[WMW Trios Championships]] (with [[Piel Roja]] & [[Mohicano II]])
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