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Black Abyss/Abismo Negro II
Black Abyss/Abismo Negro II
Name Black Abyss/Abismo Negro II
Real name
Nicknames "El Rey del Fuego"
Name history Ángel Mensajero (1996 - 2008), Nautilius (2004 - 08/06), Triple A (II) (08/06 - ???), Black Abyss/Abismo Negro II (2008 - current)
Family Bala de Plata, Luminoso (Brothers)
Maestro(s) Manuel Hernandez, Principe Negro Caudillo Jr. El Apache Abismo Negro
Birth date, location December 20, 1972
Obituary date
Debut, location December, 1990
Lost mask to
Height 185cm
Weight 100kg
Signature moves Martinete, Martinete Especial, Frog Splash, Moonsault
Titles: DWA Lightheavyweight Championship, X-LAW Tag Team Championship (with Mr. Tempest)


Originally from Baja California, Nautilius came into AAA as part of their "Nueva Imagen" campaign as a tecnico and feuded with nemesis Aliens. He didn't stick around too long. He made a short return to the promotion to be the second wrestler to play the role of Triple A (the wrestler) but the gimmick was very unsuccessful and didn't even last as long as Nautilius did.

After doing an Abismo Negro knock off gimmick in the independents, Angel Mensajero (his name on the indies) made one appearance under that name on AAA TV, then later returned to AAA under another new name, one that made more of an impression.

Abismo Negro pulled one of his occasional vanishing acts in fall of 2007. In storyline (and perhaps elsewhere), his followers in Vipers Revolution resented Abismo not being around to support them, and Mr. Niebla led a coup to kick Abismo out of the group. Despite Abismo winning two singles matches to remain in control of the group, AAA bizarrely ruled in favor of Mr. Niebla being in control and Abismo being out of the group. This did not end the rivalry. Mr. Niebla's next move was to replace Abismo Negro in the group, but he surprised everyone by bringing a new Abismo Negro character as the replacement.

Called Black Abyss, the former Angel Mensajero fit the role perfectly. The Angel Mensajero character had basically been an indy version of Abismo Negro, and he just the same outfits as the original Abismo Negro (just wearing another color.) Black Abyss first debuted masquerading as Abismo Negro; the other Vipers had chained the original in the locker room, and Black Abyss took his place in the match, turning on his tecnico partners. No one quite figured out what was happening until the original ran out after the match to confront his clone.

The idea of Black Abyss appears to have been a subtle in-joke based on the other Vipers. The Psicosis and Histeria in the group are also replacements, and not the original Histeria or Psicosis. Also Mr. Niebla once defeated Mr. Niebla, after a court battle over ownership of this name. Even odder, Black Abyss would quietly start to live his own the gimmick, and became the new Abismo Negro.

The Vipers Revolution/Abismo Negro feud never really had a conclusion. They'd feud for one to three months, then the original Abismo Negro would disappear from the company, with no public explanation but plenty of rumors. AAA had advertised a Mr. Niebla vs Abismo Negro mask match for TripleMania and later replaced it with a Vipers/Abismo cage mask match, but neither occurred because Abismo's absence. Instead, Psicosis, Histeria and Black Abyss were in a random trios match on TripleMania, while Mr. Niebla returned to CMLL on the same night.

AAA did not appear to have much use for the Vipers without Abismo Negro around to feud with them and were angry with Abismo Negro for his unreliability. Still, the character of Abismo Negro was still very popular. During the summer of 2008, Black Abyss wrestled under the Abismo Negro name on some untelevised spot shows. Black Abyss acknowledged the change in interviews, but fans were largely unaware of the substitution. Before AAA brought the change to television, the original made his return to the promotion again, and Black Abyss went back to that name to feud with him.

Still, Abismo was in and out for the rest of 2008 and early 2009. Black Abyss would disappear from TV, then be brought back to TV when Abismo Negro returned. The two feuded thru the spring of 2009, including facing off in a Rey de Reyes semifinal, until Abismo Negro's passing.

After Abismo Negro's death, there was discussion of Black Abyss either taking over the Abismo Negro (which would be acknowledged this time) and working as a tecnico as a tribute, or getting a new name to get a new start. Instead of either of those, Black Abyss just made one last TV match under that name, and then spent most of 2009 working the occasional spot show in the same role, but never on television.

In December 2009 a new group of Vipers entered AAA, led by Black Abyss, including the third generation of Psicosis and Histeria and a newcomer, Amnesia.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/97 hair Angel Mensajero Negro Azteca Mexicali, Baja California
??/??/?? mask Nautilius Fantomas ??, ??
??/??/?? hair Angel Mensajero Negro Azteca Palenque del Fex - Mexicali, Baja California
06/05/06 hair (1) Angel Mensajero El Brazo Palenque del Fex - Mexicali, Baja California
01/01/07 hair (2) Angel Mensajero Tigre Leon Arena Nacionalista-Mexicali,Baja California
06/22/12 hair (3) Black Abyss Enfermero Jr. Auditorio Municipal Fausto Gutierrez-Tijuana, Baja California
(1)Captain's Fall Match w/ Angel Mensajero/Los Hego Boys vs El Brazo/Fuerza Guerrera/Pirata Morgan/Sangre Chicana - Pirata was the captain but he was bald so Brazo got shaved instead; (2)Cage Match; (3)Finals of a Ruleta de la Muerte


early design of Angel Mensajero
as Angel Mensajero
as Nautilius
as Nautilius
with the Vipers 2.0
winning Negro Azteca's hair
as Angel Mensajero with the X-LAW Tag Team Championship and DWALightheavyweight Championship
FB IMG 1479525666235.jpg

as Nautilius
Angel mensjaero esto.jpg
as Black Abyss

Black Abyss BAD.jpg
As a member of Vipers Revolution with Mini Vipers
with the Vipers 2.0
Black Abyss-muscles.jpg

Received 1606908576021202~01.png
Received 1606908616021198~01.png
as Angel Mensajero with Thunder Boy

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