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Italian Connection was the major stable that came from T2P with Milano Collection A.T., Masato Yoshino and Stevie "Brother" Tsujimoto. Eventually fellow T2P wrestlers Berlinetta Boxer, Shuji Kondo and Takayuki Yagi were brought into the stable. They debuted as a stable in Toryumon Mexico, before starting a T2P vs. Toryumon Japan feud with Crazy MAX over Don Fuji kidnapped Milanos' invisible dog Mikeru, the UWA World Trios Championship and Fuji kidnapping YOSSINO's pet gorilla Venezia. In 2003, the group split into to two leaving Milano and YOSSINO, the only true Italian Connection members due to Kondo, YASSINI, Tagaki and Yagi becoming Hagure Gundam before becoming Aagon Iisou. Anthony W. Mori who went through a breakup himself with the Royal Brothers eventually teamed with them but never joined as he hoped his partner would reform the team. Mori became a member of the stable when Takuya Sugawara turned on him and joined Aagon Iisou. The stable rebounded with Mori as a member and were crowned the first Dragon Gate Open The Triangle Gate champions in 2004 but were forced to break up when YOSSINO turned his attention to the Open The Brave Gate league and Milano got injured, before leaving Dragon Gate all together.

Former Members

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