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Lizmark Jr.
Lizmark Jr.
Name Lizmark Jr.
Real name Juan Carlos Baños
Nicknames Hijo del Geniecillo Azul (Son of the Little Blue Genious), El Geniecillo del Mal (Little Evil Genious)
Name history El Hijo de ? (debut - 08/16/91), El Hijo de Lizmark/Lizmark Jr. (08/91 - ), Hatena Uno (Hustle; 10/21/04)
Family Lizmark (father), Lizmark II (Uncle), Lizmark Jr. II (brother?)
Maestro(s) Lizmark
Birth date, location October 16, 1972 - Acapulco, Guerrero
Obituary date
Debut, location July 1, 1991
Lost mask to Blue Panther, September 28, 2007, Arena México
Height 6'2"/189 cms
Weight 262 lbs/119 kg
Signature moves Superkick, Sitout Power Bomb, Crossface submission, Moonsault Bodyblock, La Quebrada
Titles: 2005 Leyenda de Azul, Lucha Libre USA Heavyweight Championship, AIWA Heavyweight Championship


CMLL upper card rudo, after spending most of his career as a masked tecnico.

Son of Lizmark, who's never reached the success of his father. One of the taller natives in lucha libre. Was one of the wrestlers who went to WCW, but was treated like a jobber and never recovered. More noteworthy for the frequency of unexplained misses than most matches he's had.

Despite being unmasked in Mexico since 2007, he has brought the mask back for the Lucha Libre USA's Masked Warriors shows in America.

EMPRESAS: CMLL, AAA, WCW, Perros del Mal, Lucha Libre USA, IWRG, WWA...


Perros del Mal w/ Perro Aguayo Jr., Damian 666, Halloween, Hector Garza, Mr. Aguila & El Terrible

Guerreros del Atlantida w/ Ultimo Guerrero, Atlantis, Eclipse, Rey Bucanero, Sangre Azteca & Tarxan Boy

Treachery w/ Rellik, Sydistiko

Perros del Mal (AAA) w/ Perro Aguayo Jr., Bestia 666, Damian 666, Halloween, L.A. Park & X-Fly

Lucha de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
2007/04/11 hair Lizmark Jr. Mascara Año 2000 Arena Coliseo - Acapulco, Guerrero
2007/09/28 mask (1) Blue Panther Lizmark Jr. Arena México - Mexico City
2007/12/07 hairs Lizmark Jr. & Shocker Rey Bucanero & Black Warrior Arena Mexico - Mexico City
2008/10/17 hair Marco Corleone Lizmark Jr. Arena Mexico - Mexico City
(1) Cage Match w/Perro Aguayo Jr., Mistico, Ultimo Guerrero, Dr. Wagner Jr., Atlantis, Villano V


debut as hijo de ?
Debut in AAA
as a rookie
new look in 2002 return
w/Apolo Chino & Mascara Sagrada

Lizmark jr. unmasked
Lizmark jr. unmasked 2
Perros del Mal
Lizmark Jr. & Shocker

Lizmark Jr. & Shocker
Lizmark Jr.
in WCW

Video Clip

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