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Cibernetico, Tabu, Escoria, from 2010

In May of 2009 when Cibernetico's indy bookings started drying up (due to his heavy price tag) he formed a new group/promotion built around himself called Los Bizarros.

The original group was said to represent various underground scenes in Mexico City: Punk Rockers, Metalheads, Gays & Emo's.

Cibernetico would return to AAA on June 20, 2009 telling the press that he would be bringing Los Bizarros to AAA as well. On July 3, the other members of Los Bizarros ran in to help Cibernetico attack El Mesias in Queretaro.

The other members did not again appear on television. They were in the opener of the August 30th TV taping, but they lost their match versus the lowest ranked members of the AAA roster, which then did not air.

While Cibernetico continues to wear his Bizzaro t-shirt on occasion, the group seems to be on the outside of AAA. Only Nygma was still appearing on spot shows by Fall of 2009. The other members away. Punker said left the group [1], and the rest haven't been seen under those ring names.

In August of 2010, angry with the leadership of AAA's failures against La Sociedad, Cibernetico teased forming his own faction and started wearing a Los Bizarros t-shirt.

Current Members

Former Members


It is believed one of the previous unknown wrestlers is former IWRG luchador Anubis, though it's not clear which one.


Original group in AAA
  1. Box Y Lucha #2946