Mini Crazy MAX

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This was a mini group of Crazy MAX that was used in Toryumon X in Japan and Toryumon Mexico between 2002 and 2004. They acted like their name-sakes just smaller. Despite the conditions of having a form of typical lucha-mini names in their names, they were treated as equals to the other Toryumon X roster. SUWAcito reached the semifinals of the 2003 Young Dragons Cup, he teamed with Small Dandy Fuji to take Mini Crazy Max to the finals of the 2003 Yamaha Cup and next year when he teamed with Mini CIMA, they won the 2004 Yamaha Cup. They disbanded in 2004 after Toryumon X disbanded and went on to Michinoku Pro where they graduated into their own individual gimmicks, except for Shodai TARUcito who just went into retirement.

Former Members