Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship

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Current Champion

Bárbaro Cavernario, 71st Champion

Bárbaro Cavernario is the current champion. He defeated Atlantis on November 6, 2018 in Arena Coliseo Guadalajara to win the championship.

Luchas 2000 Title History

In 2007, the Luchas 2000 magazine published a detailed and researched title history of all the Mexican National championships. For most of the titles, the histories printed in the magazine mesh with the information already available. This championship was an exception, with many people previously thought as champions removed and others added with multiple reigns.

We believe the version below is the current one, but respect Luchas 2000's research in this area. Some changes from the Lucha 2000's research has been added to this page. The portions of disagreement in Luchas 2000's research are presented on their own page.

History of Championship

41th change: Near the start of AAA, Mascara Sagrada lost this title to Universo 2000 via DQ. Universo's corner man, Cien Caras, liberally interfered in the matchup. Sagrada's second, Super Star, refused to stop Cien Caras. Perro Aguayo Sr. came to the ring to help out Sagrada and replace Superstar, but was caught fouling Universo 2000 for the DQ.


In the mid 2000s, the Mexican National Light Heavyweight championships was the only active Mexican National title to not to be a part of one of the two big promotions. Up until 2002, it was part of AAA's title belts, but Dandy kept upon leaving the promotion. This belt became a central championship during the short run of the ENSEMA promotion, including the LA Park title win and following loss, but went back to being an independent title when the promotion went on a long hiatus.

While Vangelis was proclaimed to have won the belt from Dandy, it's not clear that an actual match happened. There's no other record of a show happening on that location, on that date. It's quite possible Vangelis simply bought the belt off El Dandy.

In turn, Vangelis appeared to lose the championship to Mistico in exchange for gaining a position in CMLL. By that point, it was very rare for Mistico to wrestle independent wrestlers on spot shows, and the title match occurred during a stretch where CMLL was pushing the number of championships Mistico had won.

After the title change, Vangelis joined CMLL, explaining he was looking for a rematch. When he first came to CMLL, Vangelis was consistently scheduled at a much lower level than Mistico, making it unlikely such a match would actually occur, and impossible for Vangelis to actually complete his goal. Over time, and due to an association with Texano Jr. & Terrible, Vangelis finally got into trios matches with Mistico, but never got an opportunity for a rematch while Mistico was champion.

Mistico has posed for pictures wearing this championship, but did little more for the first year and half he was champion. At the time, Mistico also held many other championships, which were better regarded and defended more frequently. In 2009, after Mistico had lost most of those championships, the Mexican Light Heavyweight belt became his primary belt for title matches.

In early 2010, Mistico broke with long time partner Volador Jr. and embraced many rudo tactics. After Volador was able to use Mistico's own move against him on February 5th, the two agreed to a title match the following week. This time, Volador was able to reverse a Mistico pin into one of his own, and grabbed the ropes to hold on for the victory and title change. Mistico, angry about being cheated, attacked both Volador and referee Tigre Hispano after the match, and absconded with the championship belt. Even with the physical belt, Volador was singles champion for the first time in his career.

Mistico was eventually forced to give back the championship, but joined the rudo side for a few months. The entire concept of the turn was shortly waved away as Mistico only teaming with the rudos to face Volador, then switched around to Volador suddenly becoming a rudo to fight tecnico Mistico. This led to a short feud between recent tag partners Volador & Sombra, where Volador retained the title. Volador also won the CMLL Torneo Bicentenario, the biggest win of his career so far.

Volador had another short feud with La Mascara. On a fan appreciation show in October, Mascara got his title match, and surprisingly won the championship.

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
unknown how championship was decided; Lucha Libre 69 lists Chucho Anaya as the first champion, but nothing is known about his reign
1 Black Guzman ? 1943.03.?? ?
2 Gorilla Ramos Black Guzman 1944.09.20 ?
3[1] Tarzan Lopez Gorilla Ramos 1944.11.17 Arena Coliseo
4 Black Guzman [2] Tarzan Lopez 1945.01.?? ?
5 Tarzan Lopez [2] Black Guzman 1947.04.12 ?
6 Cavernario Galindo Tarzan Lopez 1949.07.01 Mexico City
7 Enrique Llanes Cavernario Galindo 1950.12.?? ?
vacates championship 1951 for unknown reasons
unknown how championship was filled
8 Tarzan Lopez [3] ? 1956.09.09 ?
1 Joe Grant 1956.??.?? Tampico
vacates championship January 1957 for unknown reasons
decision match for vacant title
9 Espectro I Bobby Bonales 1957.04.21 Monterrey
Espectro I retired in 1959 due to injuries
eight man tournament for vacant championship
10[2] Ruben Juarez El Enfermero 1960.05.29 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
-[3] Rey Mendoza 1960.09.23 Mexico City
- Tomás Riande[4] 1961.03.15 Arena Veracruz, Veracruz
11[5] Espanto I Ruben Juarez 1963.04.07 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
12[6] Ruben Juarez [2] Espanto I 1963.04.26 Arena Mexico
13 Espanto I [2] Ruben Juarez 1963.09.14 Monterrey
14 Ray Mendoza Espanto I 1963.11.30 Mexico City
1[7] Ruben Juarez 1964.04.21 Arena Mexico
Raul Reyes defeats Mendoza for the championship on 1964.12.10 in Reynosa, but title match is not approved by the DF commission, which instead declares the title vacant [8] and announces tournament to decide new champion[9]
finals of tournament for vacant championship
15[10] Raul Reyes Ray Mendoza 1965.01.13 Arena Coliseo
16[11] Alfonso Dantes Raul Reyes 1965.02.05 Arena Mexico
1[12] Ray Mendoza 1965.02.14 Arena Mexico
2[13] Espanto II 1965.04.13 Arena Mexico
17[14] Espanto I [3] Alfonso Dantes 1965.02.15 Monterrey?
1[15] Alfonso Dantes 1965.06.20 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
18[16] El Santo Espanto I 1965.12.02 Arena Puebla Nuevo, Mexicali, Baja California
1[17] Espanto I 1965.12.25 Arena Puebla
vacates championship to focus on the Mexican National Middleweight Championship on March 1, 1966
decision match for vacant title
19[18] Mil Mascaras Ray Mendoza 1966.03.02 Arena Mexico
-[19] Ray Mendoza 1966.06.19 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
20 El Nazi Mil Mascaras 1967.10.15[20] Mexico City
eight wrestler tournament for title match
1[21] Alfonso Dantes 1967.10.13 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
21 Mil Mascaras [2] El Nazi 1968.03.22 Arena Mexico
[22] vacates championship on June 1968 for unknown reasons
decision match for vacant title
tournament for vacant championship
22 Alfonso Dantes [3] Potro de Oro 1968.07.20[23] Guadalajara
[24]? Mil Mascaras 1968.02.04 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
23[25] Ray Mendoza [3] Alfonso Dantes 1968.08.20 Arena Mexico
vacates championship on March 1969 for unknown reasons
decision match for vacant title
24[26] El Santo [2] El Solitario 1969.07.25 Arena Mexico
Santo immediately forced to vacant title due to unmasking Solitario in winning the title
decision match for vacant title
25 Raul Mata Angel Blanco 1969.10.07 ?
1[27] Alfonso Dantes 1970.02.08 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
2[28] Alfonso Dantes 1971.04.25 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
26[29] Alfonso Dantes [4] Raul Mata 1971.10.08 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
Dantes wins the NWA World Light Heavyweight Championship on 1972.06.13, continues to defened this championship at least once
1[30] Rayo de Jalisco 1972.07.23 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
Dantes vacates to focus on NWA version
tournament for vacant championship
27 Dr. Wagner Enrique Vera 1973.03.16 Arena Mexico
vacates championship when he wins NWA World Light-Heavyweight Championship 1974.09.22
decision match for vacant title
28 Alfonso Dantes [2] El Halcon 1974.11.15 Mexico City
1[31] Cien Caras 1975.10.08 Arena Coliseo Acapulco
2[32] Cien Caras 1975.12.28 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
29 Dr. Wagner [2] Alfonso Dantes 1976.04.11 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1[33] Ángel Blanco 1976.09.26 Plaza de Toros el Progreso, Guadalajara, Jalisco
2[34] Canek 1977.03.01 Arena Aficion
3 Canek 1977.06.19 Palacio De Los Deportes
30[35] Canek Dr. Wagner 1978.01.15 Palacio De Los Deportes
31 Dos Caras Canek 1978.06.20 Pachuca
32 Astro Rey Dos Caras 1979.04.08 El Toreo De Naucalpan
33[36] Dr. Wagner [3] Astro Rey 1979.11.11 El Toreo de Naucalpan
34 Enrique Vera [2] Dr. Wagner 1979.11.30 Mexico City
1[37] Scorpio 1980.12.28 Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso
2[38] Dr. Wagner 1981.06.24 Auditorio Benito Juarez, Mexico City
35 Alfonso Dantes [3] Enrique Vera 1981.09.18 Arena Mexico
1[39] Dr. Wagner 1981.11.08 El Toreo De Naucalpan
2 Mascara Ano 2000 1981.12.04 Arena Mexico
36 Baby Face Alfonso Dantes 1981.12.27 Arena Coliseo
1[40] Fantasma 1982.05.01 Toreo de Cuatro Caminos
37 Mano Negra Baby Face 1983.07.20 Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca
1[41] Muralla del Ring 1983.07.01 Auditorio de Tijuana
38 Valente Fernandez Mano Negra 1984.09.02 Monterrey
39[42] Sangre Chicana Valente Fernandez 1986.03.10 Nuevo Laredo
40[43] Valente Fernandez Sangre Chicana 1986.03.17 Plaza de Monumental Monterrey
41 Luis Mariscal Valente Fernandez 1986.04.06 ?
1[44] Mogur 1986.04.27 Arena Coliseo DF
42 El Halcon '78 Luis Mariscal 1986.10.16 Mexico City
1[45] Cuchillo 1987.02.26 Pista Arena Revolucion
2[46] Jose Luis Feliciano 1988.01.20 Arena Ecatepec
43 Pierroth Jr. El Halcon '78 1988.04.04 Arena San Lorenzo
1 MS-1 1988.07.28 Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca
44 Mogur Pierroth Jr. 1988.09.07 Arena Neza
45 Pierroth Jr. [2] Mogur 1990.01.12 Arena Coliseo DF
1 El Faraon 1990.08.05 Arena Coliseo DF
2 Mascara Sagrada 1991.02.01 Arena Coliseo DF
3 La Fiera 1991.03.03 Arena Coliseo DF
4[47] Satanico 1991? Mexicali
46 Mascara Sagrada Pierroth Jr. 1991.03.21 Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca
1 Jerry Estrada 1991.06.19 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
2 Pierroth Jr. 1991.08.24 Pista Arena Revolucion
3 Pierroth Jr. 1991.08.28 Arena Naucalpan
4 Pirata Morgan 1991.09.06 Arena Mexico
5 Pierroth Jr. 1991.11.03 Arena Mexico
47 Universo 2000 Mascara Sagrada 1992.05.29 Veracruz
1 Mascara Sagrada 1992.07.18 Arena Xochimilco
2 Mascara Sagrada 1992.07.24 Aguascalientes
48 Lizmark Universo 2000 1992.09.18 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
1 La Parka 1992.12.20 Guadalajara
2 La Parka 1993.04.11 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
3 La Parka 1993.04.30 Plaza De Toros, Mexico City
4 Jerry Estrada 1993.06.18 Gimnasio Juan De La Barera
5 Satanico 1993.09.17 Gimnasio Juan De La Barera
6 La Parka 1994.07.18 Leon
49 La Parka Lizmark 1994.09.09 Rio Bravo
1 Mascara Sagrada 1994.10.09 Acayucan
2 Jerry Estrada 1995.02.17 Gimnasio Juan De La Barera
50 Jerry Estrada La Parka 1995.03.28 Matamoros
1 Rey Misterio Sr. 1995.05.04 Tijuana
2 Latin Lover 1995.05.19 Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Estado de México
3 Latin Lover 1995.05.26 Arena Xochimilco
4 Lizmark 1995.07.09 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
51 La Parka [2] Jerry Estrada 1995.08.06 Arena Coliseo De Monterrey
1 Jerry Estrada 1995.08.26 Monterrey, Nuevo León
2 Pierroth Jr. 1995.11.25 Culiacan
52 Pierroth Jr. [3] La Parka 1996.01.20 Mexicali
53 La Parka [3] Pierroth Jr. 1996.01.?? Tijuana
1 Jerry Estrada 1996.03.18 Nuevo Laredo
54 Pimpinela Escarlata La Parka 1996.05.13 Plaza de Toros Lauro Luis Longoria - Nuevo Laredo
1 La Parka 1996.05.20 Plaza de Toros Lauro Luis Longoria - Nuevo Laredo
2 Latin Lover 1996.06.?? Arena Coliseo De Monterrey
3 Asterico 1996.06.?? Reynosa
55 Latin Lover Pimpinela Escarlata 1996.09.09 Plaza de Toros Lauro Luis Longoria - Nuevo Laredo
1 Jerry Estrada 1996.10.25 Arena Neza
2 Pierroth Jr. 1997.02.15 Cuernavaca
3 Crazy 33 1997.03.09 Ciudad Juárez
4[48] La Calaca 1997.03.18 Pachuca, Hidalgo
56 Pierroth Jr. [4] Latin Lover 1997.05.19 Nuevo Laredo
57 Mascara Sagrada (Alebrije) Pierroth Jr. 1998.??.?? ?
58 Sangre Chicana [2] Mascara Sagrada 1998.05.16 Torreon, Coahuila
1 Mascara Sagrada 1998.08.09 Nuevo Laredo
2 Latin Lover 1999.02.14 Arena Solidaridad - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
59 Hector Garza Sangre Chicana 2000.04.30 Arena Solidaridad - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
1 Abismo Negro 2000.05.17 Arena Lopez Mateos
2[49] Cibernetico 2000.08.05 Auditorio Municipal, Torreón, Coahuila
3 Perro Aguayo Jr. 2000.10.06 Auditorio De Tijuana
4 Electro Shock 2001.05.07 Nuevo Laredo
5 Jerry Estrada 2001.06.10 Arena Solidaridad - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
60 Electro Shock Hector Garza 2001.06.15 Auditorio De Tijuana
1 Hector Garza 2001.07.01 Nogales, Sonora
2 Mascara Sagrada 2001.08.17 Madero
3 Perro Aguayo Jr. 2002.03.18 Leon
61 Perro Aguayo Jr. Electro Shock 2002.04.21 Chihuahua
62 El Dandy Perro Aguayo Jr. 2002.08.31 Reynosa
1 Perro Aguayo Jr. 2002.10.04 Auditorio De Tijuana
2 Perro Aguayo Jr. 2003.02.23 Gimnasio Rodrigo M. Quevedo, Chihuahua, Chihuahua
3 Perro Aguayo Jr. 2003.02.28 Pinotepa Nacional, Oaxaca
4 Negro Casas 2003.07.24 Arena Naucalpan
5 Blue Panther 2003.08.31 Arena Naucalpan
6 Mr. Tempest (90s) 2003. 09.?? Arena Coliseo Mexicali
7 Rambo 2003.11.09 Arena Lopez Mateos
8 Perro Aguayo Jr. 2003.12.14 Gimnasio Nuevo Leon
9 Rayman 2004.04.25 Poliforum Juan Gabriel - Cd. Juarez
10 Antifaz Del Norte 2004.06.06 Arena Solidaridad - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
63 La Parka [4] El Dandy 2004.10.15 Salon 21, Mexico City
64 El Dandy [2] La Park 2005.03.26 Plaza De Toros Acapulco
1 Heavy Metal 2005.06.11 Plaza De Toros Caletilla - Acapulco
2 Perro Aguayo Jr. 2005.09.01 Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca
3 Pierroth Jr. II 2006.02.23 Arena Azteca De Pachuca
4 Sexy Piscis 2006 11.23
5 Ultimate Jeopardy Steel Cage Match 2007.03.18 Arena Naucalpan
65 Vangelis El Dandy 2007.04.15 Gimnasio Ajusco
Mistico defeats Vangelis in title vs. title match with CMLL World Welterweight Title also on the line
66 Mistico Vangelis 2007.12.04 Arena Queretaro
1 Felino 2009.07.12 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
2 El Averno 2009.08.10 Arena Puebla
3 El Mephisto 2009.12.13 Arena Mexico
67 Volador Jr. Mistico 2010.02.12 Arena Mexico
1 Mistico 2010.05.17 Cancha de Futbol Rap, Nuevo Laredo
2 Atlantis 2010.06.01 Arena Mexico
3 Sombra 2010.08.30 Arena Puebla
68 La Mascara Volador Jr. 2010.10.05 Arena Mexico
1 Atlantis 2010.11.22 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
2 Rey Bucanero 2011.01.16 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
3 Volador Jr. 2011.02.15 Arena Queretaro
4 Ultimo Guerrero 2011.03.08 Arena Mexico
5 Volador Jr. 2012.05.29 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
6 Mephisto 2012.06.17 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
7 Rey Escorpion 2012.07.24 Arena Mexico
8 Volador Jr. 2012.09.17 Nueva Arena Tepito
9 Volador Jr. 2013.01.20 Korakuen Hall
69 Mephisto La Mascara 2013.08.13 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1 La Mascara 2013.10.07 Arena Puebla
2[50] Titán 2013.11.03 Arena Coliseo DF
3 Atlantis 2014.01.01 Arena Mexico
4 Mistico 2014.01.18 Korakuen Hall
5 La Mascara 2014.03.11 Arena Mexico
6 Mr. Aguila 2014.04.14 Arena Puebla
7 Valiente 2014.04.29 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
8 Valiente 2014.09.23 Arena Mexico
9 Valiente 2014.10.12 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
10 Valiente 2014.12.01 Arena Puebla
11[51] Stuka Jr. 2015.07.05 Arena Mexico
70[52] Atlantis Mephisto 2015.08.24 Arena Puebla
1[53] Mephisto 2015.09.20 Arena Mexico
2[54] La Máscara 2015.11.23 Arena Puebla
3 Rey Escorpión 2016.05.15 Arena Mexico
4 Bárbaro Cavernario 2018.03.06 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
5 Rey Bucanero 2018.06.19 Arena Mexico
6 Rush 2018.07.23 Arena Puebla
71 Bárbaro Cavernario Atlantis 2018.11.06 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1 Forastero 2019.03.29 Arena Mexico
title change
successful title defense
championship matches which were announced, but results were not found


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  5. El Informador 1963-04-07; definitely a a title match on this date with Ruben Juarez defending, unlcear if this is the title change
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Gallery of Champions

Tarzan Lopez, 3rd, 5th & 8th Champion
Enrique Llanes, 7th Champion
Espanto I, 11th, 13th & 17th Champion
Ray Mendoza, 14th Champion
Raul Reyes, 15th Champion
El Santo, 18th & 24th Champion

Mil Mascaras, 19th & 21st Champion
El Nazi, 20th Champion
Raul Mata(left), 25th Champion
Dr. Wagner, 27th, 29th & 34th Champion
Canek, 30th Champion
Astro Rey, 32nd Champion

Mano Negra, 37th Champion
Valente Fernandez, 38th & 40th Champion
El Halcon '78, 42nd Champion
Mogur, 44th Champion
La Parka, 49th, 51st, 53rd & 63rd Champion
Pimpinela Escarlata, 54th Champion

Latin Lover, 55th Champions
Sangre Chicana, 58th Champion
Electro Shock, 60th Champion
El Dandy, 60th & 62nd Champion
Vangelis, 65th Champion
Mistico, 66th Champion

Volador Jr., 67th Champion
La Mascara, 68th Champion
Mephisto, 69th Champion
Atlantis, 70th Champion

Gallery of Title Belts

2nd Belt


Also Listed As

Mexican National Championships
Men's: Light (Electrico) • Welter (Soberano Jr.)
Light Heavy (Bárbaro Cavernario) • Heavy (El Terrible)
Women's: Singles (Princesa Sugehit)
Team: Trios (Nuevo Generacion Dinamitas)
Defunct: MiniFeatherMiddleCruiserTagAtomicosWomen's Tag
Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre Championships
CMLL: Mini: ShockercitoSuper Light: Kawato San
Welter: Dragon LeeMiddle: El Cuatrero
Light Heavy: Niebla RojaHeavy: Ultimo Guerrero
Tag: Euforia & Gran GuerreroWomen: Marcela
Trios: Los Guerreros Laguneros (Ultimo Guerrero, Gran Guerrero & Euforia)
NWA WH: Welter: Volador Jr.Middle: CarísticoLight Heavy: Stuka Jr.
National: Light: ElectricoWelter: Soberano Jr.Light Heavy: Bárbaro Cavernario
Heavy: El TerribleWomen: La Metálica
Trios: Nueva Generacion Dinamita (Sansón, Cuatrero & Forastero)
Tournaments: Leyenda de Azul: Rush
Leyenda de Plata: Volador Jr.Universal: Terrible
Pequeño Reyes del Aire: ShockercitoReyes del Aire: Titán
Gran Alternativa: Flyer & Volador Jr.
En Busca de un Ídolo: Boby ZavalaLa Copa Jr.: Soberano Jr.
Parejas Increíbles: Barbaro Cavernario & Titan
REINA: CMLL-REINA Intl Junior: Kaho KobayashiCMLL-REINA Intl: ZeuxisCMLL-REINA Tag Team: Vacant
DF: Light: AstralWelter: SenseiMiddle: Hijo del Signo
Occidente: Welter: ExplosivoMiddle: Difunto
Light Heavy: EsfingeHeavy: Star Black
Tag: Gran Kenut & León Blanco
Trios: Nueva Generacion Dinamita (Sansón, Cuatrero & Forastero)
Misc: Arena Coliseo Tag: Esfinge & Tritón
Defunct: Copa de Arena Mexico Tournament
Japan TagJapan Women's